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The aims of the resource are clearly laid out and fairly well executed.The information provided is fairly basic and general, yet it comes together to create a very helpful clinical resource which could likely be used by professionals without significant clinical training.The tools it provides seem really great, with some helpful screening questionnaires and examples of educational pieces that can be administered to a large group of seniors (such as in a lodge or some kind of day program).

The manual provides a description of various generations (e.g., silent, baby boomers) and their help-seeking tendencies as well as financial beliefs (e.g., security, work, resourcefulness) that may affect their relationship with gambling.

The fifth chapter Resources includes information regarding educational and national resources that are available in print and online, as well as contact information for gambling specific clinical services.This resource was not a step-by-step guide to prevention or treatment but rather a collection of handouts, factual information, recommendations and resources that clinicians can pull from.

Agenda 1. What research has said about Older Adults and internet use and/or internet gambling 2. Benefits of Older Adults accessing the internet.

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In reading it, I had a hard time imagining that very many elderly people would actually sit down and go through the whole thing themselves.The manual provides a great introduction to problem gambling for clinicians who are not familiar with this area of addiction.Specialized Addictions Treatment for Older Adults. Older adults are often marginalized and isolated so they have. and gambling treatment program for adults.Gambling and Older Adults Eastern PA June 14, 2013 10:00 - 2:30. Location:. Signs and symptoms of a gambling problem in older adults.

The manual includes ready-use handouts for providers, as well as suggestions for screening tools and referral to specialized services.TORONTO, July 20, 2017- Casino Bus Tours Linked to Risk of Problem Gambling for Older Adults.Characteristics of Problem Gamblers 56 Years of. of problem gambling among older adults,. have explored the characteristics of problem gamblers who self.It's the nature of older people not to seek out help for problems and the same is true for problems related to gambling. And older adults on a. elderly gambling...Problem Gambling Prevalence and Risk Factors among Older Adults Nigel E. Turner Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.This Is Not Fun Anymore: An Older Adult’s Story About Problem Gambling. Here I am,. The older gentleman in this story has developed a problem with gambling.Practically speaking, I found that there were a lot of handouts, which I imagine would be helpful for older adults to use as a reference given the prevalence of age-related memory decline.

Other handouts, such as testimonials of older adults with gambling problems are included as well.According to the authors, this resource was developed for individuals, allied professionals and service providers who work with older adults with gambling problems and their families and partners.

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Mental Health and Addictions Issues for Older Adults:. on older adults with mental health and addictions issues and underscore the. and Gambling Challenges: A.I think as previously mentioned, this would be a basic skill that may not actually need to be highlighted.

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The harm reduction approach seems much more useful for this population as well, since it seems we have to approach older adults more tentatively with treatment than say the baby-boomers.A survey was conducted in 2005 by the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre involving adults age 60 and over. 73.5 % of participants said they had participated in.Gambling is a popular activity among older adults. Up to half of older adults gamble, and over 25% wager regularly. 1,2 The most popular forms of gambling in.

Gambling is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by many adults, ranging from university students to older adults. A small subset of gambling research focuses on.Older Adults and Gambling: A Review Vanchai Ariyabuddhiphongs Published online: 14 April 2011 # Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011 Abstract This paper uses the.This resource is billed as a Treatment Improvement Protocol for providing best practice guidelines for prevention and treatment.The information provided in the manual, including barriers to treatment and risk factors, do not appear to be highly specific to problem gambling, but are consistent with that reported for most mental and physical problems facing older adults.Overall, I think this tool seems extremely useful though for professionals working with older adults.Although the literature suggests that gambling among older adults is influenced by unique age-related factors, there is little information on the factors associated.I also thought that the continuum of risk and the barriers to accessing assistance were a great inclusions, along with the breadth of resources, contact info, and research links they provided.

Given the dearth of specialized manuals for older adults in general, such an evidence-based manual is aspirational.Given the broad target audience, the manual is written in a colloquial manner that would offer limited novel information to professionals working with older adults.Late Life Gambling: The Attitudes and Behaviors of Older Adults article. authors: William J. Burke, Dennis P. McNeilly; published in: 2000.However, although this manual did not provide a step-by-step prevention program for problem gambling, it does provide tools to enhance communication about gambling and problem gambling with clients.

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Older Adults page for Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling.Is Gambling Good for People?. Loc cit) Gambling is socially/economically desirable as it. “Health Correlates of Recreational Gambling in Older Adults”;.An exploratory review of gambling trends among older adults and an examination of policies to protect older gamblers revealed that older adults are targeted by the.I thought that the inclusion of screening measures, handouts, worksheets, etc. within the manual really increased its practical value.